Fourth of July – Fredericksburg Style

As we have here in Fredericksburg, the birthtown of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, the National Museum of the Pacific War, their presence in the Independence Day parade is a given:

Unabhaengigkeitstag – im Fredericksburger Stil

Da wir hier in Fredericksburg, dem Geburtsort von Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, das National Museum of the Pacific War haben, durfte dieses bei der Parade natuerlich nicht fehlen:

WWII Truck at Independence Day Parade

WWII Truck at Independence Day Parade

WWII Half Track

A WWII Half Track and a Weary Grunt

9 responses to “Fourth of July – Fredericksburg Style

  1. We have lots of tractors and lawnmowers in our Glen Rose parade! Hope you had a good 4th!

    • Hi Rhythm,
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂 We had lots of tractors here, too. Plus vintage cars. I’ll post more pictures soon. We did have a great 4th. In the evening we first had a wonderful dinner, and then went to see “Les Miserables” at the local theatre. Great performance.
      Hope you enjoyed your day, too. Or were the fireworks too loud for you?
      Have a great weekend,

      • I’m not bothered by the fireworks, but the Mom Person frets – worrying about sparks burning the place down. It was nice to have conditions not so dry this year so that she didn’t worry quite so much.

  2. THIS is what I picture as participants in an American July 4th parade! This American expat far from home thanks you for the memories and the smile!

    • Hi Cindi,
      Glad you like the pictures. I’ve just uploaded many more, btw. But you might already have discovered that.
      Enjoy the weekend,

  3. Ich schätze, an diesem Tag gibt es wohl überall Paraden.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe

  4. Great museum in Fredericksburg!

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