Way to Go, Spurs!

Yeah, the San Antonio Spurs  did it and beat the Miami Heat in the NBA finals this year and thus are 5-time NBA champions. A well-deserved title, if you ask me, for a fantastic team around Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker – to mention but three – and under an outstanding coach, Gregg Popovich. Playing as a team is what makes them great: the motto of the Three Musketeers, “One for all and all for one!”

Groszartig, Spurs!

Die San Antonio Spurs haben es wieder geschafft und die Miami Heat in den NBA Finals geschlagen und sind damit zum 5. Male die NBA Champions. Wenn man mich fragt, ein hochverdienter Sieg fuer ein fantastisches Team um Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili udn Tiny Parker – um nur drei zu nennen – unter einem herausragenden Trainer, Gregg Popovich. Als Mannschaft zu spielen ist was sie vielen ancderen Teams voraus haben, getreu dem Motto der Drei Musketiere, “Alle fuer Einen, Einer fuer Alle!”

6 responses to “Way to Go, Spurs!

  1. YES!!!
    BTW, I have been not received your posts through my Reader lately 😕 I am trying to catch up…

    • Hi Amy,
      I don’t know why your reader didn’t show my recent postings. Maybe you’ll want to subscribe and follow my blog?
      Best regards,

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