RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 4 [Bicycling the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia]

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As I wrote in my previous post, I had had to somewhat modify my plans for that day, because I had not been able to do all of the distance I had originally wanted to do the day before, and … Continue reading


Our Fritz Has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

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This afternoon this wonderful and loveable guy passed away peacefully in his sleep: Unser Fritz hat die Regenbogenbrücke überquert Heute Nachmittag ist dieser wunderbare und liebenswerte Kerl friedlich im Schlaf gestorben: It was only on Thursday that we were ever … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 4 [Cedartown/GA to Helen/GA]

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This day again will take two different posts because otherwise it would be too long, as we did not only travel from one town to the other, but I rode part of the Silver Comet Trail, too. But more of … Continue reading


Happy Fourth of July

happy 4th


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 3 [Supper at Linde Marie’s in Cave Springs]

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RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Tag 3 [Abendessen bei Linde Marie’s in Cave Springs] As quite frequently, well, actually as always, Mary had this time, too, selected the restaurant for our supper. Not that I would not be asked, but the way … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 3 [Bicycling the Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama]

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Well, now for the actual bicycle ride: after a good and restful night we were up early, as is usual for us when travelling, because I wanted to do my bicycling before noon, if possible, since there were thunderstorms in … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 3 [Preliminary Thoughts]

It looks like I had better split this day into two or even three separate posts or it might be way too long. So let me start with our plans for that day [and the next one] first: RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 … Continue reading


Life and Death …

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… lie close to each other. Leben und Tod … … liegen nah beieinander. Today I saw this beautiful young life … Heute habe ich dieses wunderbare junge Leben gesehen … … and yesterday, when I saw vultures circling above, … Continue reading


Surprise in the Morning

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Well, actually I should no longer be surprised to discover fawns in our backyard, shouldn’t I? But still, when at some time this morning I looked out of our patio doors, I saw something lying in the grass of which … Continue reading


1 1/2 Hours in 20 Seconds

My first time-lapse video of the deer in our garden: this afternoon I tried to do this, a time-lapse video, for the first time. It was taken between 5PM and 6:30PM, part of it with the deer being fed. Not … Continue reading