There’s a Unicorn in the Garden

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No, that’s not a Thurberesque [cf. James Thurber’s short story “The Unicorn in the Garden”] way of trying to get the wife into the booby hatch, and I should possibly rather have spoken of a “Unihorn”. Well, the long and … Continue reading


While We Were Gone …

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… to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque/NM [more about that later, once I have managed to sorth through and edit tons of pictures], there was quite a lot of rain in our area here [for October 15 the official rain … Continue reading


Mature Buck

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It looks like the rut(ting-season) of the white-tailed deer has just started or is about to begin [usually it is in late October and/or early November] since a mature buck has made his appearance again lately, as in the years … Continue reading


There you are: you leave your home one day when you still need the A/C working, and then you return a week later and you need to switch on the heating!

Texanisches Wetter

So kann’s gehen: da verlässt man das Haus fuer eine kurze Reise, wenn man noch die Klimaanlage zur Kühlung braucht, und wenn man nach einer Woche zurückkommt, muss man die Heizung anmachen!


… walking around the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, wearing your BVB [Borussia Dortmund, my favourite German soccer club] cap, and suddenly an American woman asks you, “Are you a Dortmund fan?” – What a surprise!

Da spaziert man Nichts ahnend …

in National Petroglyph Monument in Albuquerque herum, mit der BVB Kappe auf dem Kopf, und plötzlich fragt Einen eine Amerikanerin, “Are you a Dortmund fan?” – Was für eine Überraschung!


Meanwhile in the House

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For a long time, actually ever since we had moved in, we had wanted a sideboard in our dining-room, and now we have one: In der Zwischenzeit im Haus Für eine lange Zeit, im Grunde immer schon seit wir hier … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 14 [Goshen/OH to Louisville/KY]

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On Tuesday, May 29, we intended to get on the road again, from Goshen/OH to our next stop for sightseeing and bicycling, Louisville/KY. We had chosen Louisville because that city gave us the opportunity to at the same time add … Continue reading


In Memoriam Randy Hopkins

As I said at the end of my previous posting, little did we know that saying good-bye – for now, as we thought – would be forever. We left the Hopkins’ place on Tuesday, May 28, and on the following … Continue reading


RailTrailsRoadTrip 2018 – Day 13 [Little Miami Scenic Trail and Aliens]

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For that day, Monday, May 28, we had planned to bicycle the Little Miami Scenic Trail – well, not all of its 78 miles, but only a very lovely part, starting at the trailhead in Loveland. The Little Miami Scenic … Continue reading


What a victory for my favourite German soccer club today!

Nuremberg nada – Dortmund uno, Dortmund dos, Dortmund tres, Dortmund quatro, Dortmund cinquo, Dortmund seis, Dortmund SIETE!

Yes, it’s true! The final result was 7:0 for Dortmund.

Oh glorious day!