Alaska Trip – Day Three [Anchorage Museum and Dinner “Odyssey”]

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In consideration of Mary’s continuing problems with her leg we had planned to take it easy on that day and to go by how she had slept and how she felt in the morning. We both slept well, though, and … Continue reading


Alaska Trip – Day Two [Seeing a Doctor instead of a Bike Ride]

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Well, I believe this headline says it all: the day didn’t exactly go as planned, and that’s an understatement. But let’s start at the beginning: Alaska Trip – Tag Zwei [Arztbesuch statt Radtour] Nun, ich glaube, diese Überschrift sagt eigentlich … Continue reading


First, BVB Dortmund ignominiously looses 1:3 against Union Berlin, then the German national soccer team folds 2:4 against the Netherlands, and, to top it all, today the Texas Longhorns, “our” college football team, is beaten 45 to 38 by LSU! What a mess!

Sportmäßig, keine gute Woche

Zuerst verliert der BVB Dortmund schmählich 1:3 gegen Union Berlin, dann wird unsere Fußballnationalmannschaft vom Team der Niederlande 4:2 zusammengefaltet, und – um dem Ganzen die Krone aufzusetzen – verliert auch noch “unsere” College-Football Mannschaft, die “Longhorns”, 38 zu 45 gegen die Mannschaft der Louisiana State University. Was für ein Mist!


Alaska Trip – Day One [City Trolley Tour and First Dinner in Anchorage]

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As I already wrote in my previous entry, we took a “Lyft” service from the airport to our Hotel, the “Historic Anchorage Hotel“: Alaska Trip – Tag Eins [City Trolley Tour und erstes Abendessen in Anchorage] Wie im vorherigen Beitrag … Continue reading


Thursday’s Retrospective

This post was first published in my blog “Pit’s Musings and Ramblings from a Big Country: Mein persönliches Blog mit ‘Updates aus Texas’” on Wednesday, February 10, 2010. Donnerstägliche Retrospektive Diesen Artikel habe ich ursprünglich in meinem Blog “Pit’s Musings … Continue reading


Labour-Day BBQ Fest

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We had not used our bbq pit for quite some time, and so we decided to put some good steaks on it today, especially as we had some prime meat, given to us from our cousin who raises the cattle … Continue reading


Alaska Trip – Day One [Travelling to Anchorage (by Plane)]

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Our sleep was short – as we knew it would be – but we awoke well rested, I at 3:15AM with my alarm, and Mary a few minutes before that. After a nice shower, dressing and packing the few things … Continue reading


Alaska Trip – Day Minus One

As our flight for Alaska was scheduled for the absolutely ungodly hour of 6:30AM [check-in beginning at 5:50AM], we had decided again not to leave Fredericksburg in the middle of the night but on the day before – which, among … Continue reading


Alaska Trip – Planning

Alaska – as, btw, Hawaii – had been on our bucket list for quite a long time, not in the least because this state is still missing in our “collection” of states in which we have bicycled 10 miles at … Continue reading


Back from Alaska

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We arrived back from our Alaska trip late yesterday. More later.